Bill Tangradi

Okay so way back in April I was SOO EXCITED because I saved u all my money to meet Jackson Rathbone! I couldnt wait! Well about a month before he canceled. And his replacement was this guy named Bill Tangradi. I was SOO upset. My mom said we could skip it but I figured I still wanted to go. So we went and I’m like “okay who is this guy” and was still disappointed. Well then he came on stage. That seriously changed everything. He did one of the best Q&As I’ve ever heard/seen in my life. Sp I got a photo op with him and just lived him so much! I was his first photo op ever! Haha so exciting. So them I went back to school and talked about how awesome he was for the rest of the school year and then he came to JERSEY TOO! I was so excited I almost forgot about the other guests! He is just one of the sweetest and funniest guys in the world! He might just be my favorite celebrity! He can take a whole room and make everyone laugh so hard! I told him when I grow up I wanna be just like him! By the end of that con, he knew my name haha

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